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People/Paws of the Park: Rick, Cindy, Jamal & Pippin Martin

by Kate McCallum
Rick Cindy Martin People Paws of the Park

Names: Rick Martin – Retired from the Navy after 28 ½ years. Currently employed with Elanco (aqua health facility)

Cindy Martin – Stay at Home Mom/Home Daycare

From: Pleasant Grove, PEI. Originally from Brantford, Ontario.

Why Are You in PEI? We moved here several years ago from Ontario. Our family thought we were nuts because we sold our house in one day and bought a house in PEI over the internet. They also thought we were nuts because we didn’t have jobs but we didn’t care – it was an adventure! I (Cindy) fell in love with PEI after reading Anne Of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery. I came out with my family when I was 15 years old and I knew that I would eventually move to the Island. Rick had never been to PEI, but had travelled the world with his work in the Navy. Before we decided to move, we spent a week on the South Shore, and Rick fell in love with the Island as well. I also have some sisters living in PEI.

What Kind of RV?   2015 Outback Keystone Super Lite.  Towed with a 2014 Silverado.

What Do you Love about your Travel Trailer? Lots of living space, big bedroom.

What do you dislike about your Travel Trailer? We like everything about it!

Best food you have ate in Canada while on the road?  Erie Beach Hotel in Port Dover because of the Perch and Celery Bread. Also, Wacky Wings in Brantford. They have 100’s of different ways you can get your wings!  

You seasonal camp, (stay in one place for the summer) what do you find appealing about that? We treat it like a summer home. Last year we stayed out at Seal Cove in Murray Harbor North. This year we are at Jellystone PEI. Our children love it because they have so much for them to do. We enjoy being able to pack up quickly at home, drive a short distance and be on vacation.

One place you would recommend tourists visit?  PEI.  And we love Florida.

Your dogs come out with you to the trailer.  What are their names and breed? Jamal is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is 5 years old. His registered show name is “Champion Sheeba Slumdog Millionaire CGN.” He is originally from North Dakota. We got him from Jamieson Kennels in PEI when he retired from show/stud. Then I (Cindy) decided I wanted a puppy, so we got Pippin when he was 8 weeks old. His registered name is “Jamieson Peregrine Took.” He is now 11 months old. 

Tell us about your dogs!  Do you have nicknames for them? I call Pippin “Pip” and for some reason, I call Jamal – Jammy Jam Jam.

What is their favorite toys and treats? Jamal loves a bone, while Pippin loves to play with water bottles. Jamal will do anything for a liver treat and Pip will eat absolutely anything.

Describe the dog’s personalities in one word. Jamal: Calm. Pippin: Hyper.

Farthest they have travelled with you? Brantford and Norwich Ontario.


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