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People of the Park: Phil & Susan Vowles

by Kate McCallum
People of the Park Phil Susan Vowels

Names: Phil Vowles– Retired Sheep Farmer | Susan Vowles – Retired Nurse and Farmer

Hometown: Lindsay, Ontario

Why are you in PEI? Going tip-to-tip across the Island.

What kind of RV? Wolf Pack 20ft Toy Hauler Made by Forest River.

What do you love about your Wolf Pack? It’s compact. No worries with bridges or narrow roads.

What do you have in your toy hauler? A 2015 Can-Am Spider.

You full-time RV. Tell us the story behind that?  We had a buyer approach us about our property in Lindsay. We had a sheep farm and also a business with ties in lumber, firewood, and mouldings. In 2014, Phil was very sick and diagnosed with Lyme Disease. While Phil was sick, the buyer approached us and we decided to take it. Phil got better and we figured that we shouldn’t make a rash decision on a home even though we had ideas about a condo in the city or a little hobby farm. Instead, eventually, we bought a 40ft Grand Design Momentum RV. We live full-time in our 40ft RV in Little Britain, Ontario and then tour around and spend the winter in Eustace, Florida with the 20ft.  

Most famous person you have met? Ronnie Hawkins

Best food you have ate in Canada while on the road? Masstown Market’s Catch of the Bay Fish and Chips in Nova Scotia. 

What is the scariest thing that has happened to you while travelling in your RV? While travelling in Cape Breton, we were approaching a big curve in the road and a man was directing traffic, telling us to move over. We didn’t know why but we quickly saw a house that was being towed down the road. It got so close to us that we could have reached out and touched it.  

Most interesting thing that has happened on the road? Susan had a gel seat on our motorcycle that flew off after she forgot to put it back on properly after they had stopped for gas. We went back to retrieve it figuring it was on the road. On our way back, we saw a line of cars in the opposite lane. In the middle of the road was her gel seat cushion. On top of the gel seat cover was a cat. It was just laying on the seat cushion. It didn’t want to get off and cars were stopped so that it wouldn’t get hurt. Susan had to coax the cat of off the cushion and got it safely off the road.

Where would you recommend tourists visit?  Prince Edward Island. We have been coast-to-coast across Canada and we think PEI is just beautiful.

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