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People of the Park: Bill Snyders & Barb Perry

by Kate McCallum
People of the Park Bill Snyders Barb Perry

Names Bill Snyders: 72 – Retired law office manager Barb Perry: 70 – Retired law office administrator

Hometown: Smithers, British Columbia

Why are you in PEI? Festival of Small Halls. We love live music and shows

What kind of RV do you drive? Class B/2006 21ft Pleasure Way

What do you love about your Class B? Small, compact, 10 minutes to set up, 10 minutes to take down. Can go down all of the back roads, never have to worry about being too big, and it has a KING size bed!

What do you dislike about your Class B? Our old Class B had a big drawer that Bill’s golf clubs would fit in, this one doesn’t.

Best food you have ate in Canada while on the road?  We don’t eat out a lot.  But we both like to have a good homemade burger or t-bone steak at the end of a long day on the road.

Most interesting sight/day you have experienced?  We were staying in South Dakota. It was really hot, 100 degrees. We paid around $80 for a bus tour. The tour picked us up at the campground at 7am, took us for breakfast and then we went to Mount Rushmore, Harney Peak, the Pigtail Bridges, Crazy Horse Memorial, and then we had a Chuck Wagon supper and show that was put on by the locals. It was amazing how much we got for $80!

What is the scariest thing that has happened to you while travelling in your RV?  A snowstorm in June in Oregon near Crater Lake. We made it through but it was a little tense.

Where is the one place you wish you could take the RV but couldn’t do so easily?  Europe/Australia/New Zealand

One place you would recommend tourists visit?  Oregon. We thought it would take a couple of days but it is gorgeous. We were there 10 days. There are miles and miles of beaches and beautiful scenery.

What is one thing a lot of people do not know about you? Bill loves to paint houses. He does it for free. His one rule is that he will paint the house for anyone that is older than him. He loves to paint and he loves to help people.


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