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Paws of the Park: Rufus

by Kate McCallum
Rufus Paws in the Park

Full nameRufus Tobago Run in the River Sullivan

Age: 13 years old

Breed: Chocolate Lab

Describe Rufus in One Word: LOVE.

Tricks: Sits, Lie Down, Kisses and he can BOW!

Favorite Toy: Stuffed Duck

Favorite Treat: APPLES! Rufus will knock you over to take an apple. He has apple slices every day.

Best Friend: His best friend used to be Chevy the Yellow Lab. Chevy has since passed away.

His Story:  Rufus has been with Jackie and Brian Sullivan since he was 8 weeks old. They picked him because he pooed on his brother’s head and also because he bit Brian. Rufus was Brian’s birthday present and he wanted a naughty dog. He went on to get 1st in his class for Kindergarten Training and Agility. Because he is in his senior years, Jackie and Brian only take trips were he can go on. During their trip to PEI, Rufus has been swimming in the ocean, snuggling with them in their travel van, and walking the beaches. They want to spend every minute they can with him and say that he has a gentle heart, is very caring, is great with children and is always there for them when they get home.  

***Bella & Rufus also spent some time together, unfortunately, Bella could not contain herself around Rufus as she wanted to play and wrestle. We managed to get their attention for a short time, but Bella got so excited about Rufus she nearly threw up and had to go back to the RV. Bella is the kid at the birthday party that eats too much cake, gets hyper, and gets sick in a potted plant.


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