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Paws of the Park: Nipper

by Kate McCallum
Paws of the Park Nipper

Name: Nipper

Age: 12 years old.

Breed: Jack Russel Terrier

Owners: Susan and Phil Vowles

Describe Nipper in one word: Calm

Favourite Toy: She doesn’t like toys. She likes the real thing. She has killed rabbits and rats.

Favorite TreatLiver Treats

Favorite place to sleep in the trailer: Beside Susan on the bed. If it is cold, she gets under the covers.

Farthest Nipper has travelled in the RV: Coast-to-Coast in Canada.

What kind of traveller is Nipper? She loves to ride on the motorcycle. She has her own sheepskin that she lays while she looks all around.

What is special about Nipper? She is a trained service dog.  

Tell us an interesting story about Nipper: When she was 7, Phil was out getting the trash cans at the end of their property. He saw Nipper coming out of the woods and she was covered in mud. He then realized that she was badly injured. He immediately went and got Susan (who is a nurse) and they took her to the vets. Nipper vomited up gray hair. She had been attacked by a coyote but had fought back ferociously.

She had over 100 stitches and they truly thought that she was going to die. The main areas where she was attacked were her head, neck, and stomach. They asked the vet after she had several surgeries whether they could come and see her the next day. She was very groggy and tired, so they kissed her and told her that they loved her, but still didn’t know if she would make it. The next day they came to visit, and as soon as she heard Susan’s voice, she banged her head trying to get out of the cage to be with Susan. That same day she went home with them because they knew that would be best for her.

Nipper healed up well and seems to have no arthritis or effects from the attack. Phil says she is one tough little dog.


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