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Paws of the Park: Chelsea

by Kate McCallum
Paws of the Park: Chelsea

Full name: Chelsea

Age: 8 1/2 years old

Parents: George and Birte Ayer

Breed: Labradoodle (mom was a chocolate lab/father was a standard poodle)

Breed that other people think she is: Bouvier or a Portuguese Water Dog

Describe Chelsea in one word: George: Sweet Birte: Crazy

Favourite Toy:  She has a toy box and loves her tug of war rope.

Favourite Treat: Cheese! When Chelsea hears the cheese being unwrapped and she is upstairs, she will run downstairs at their home in Peterborough for the cheese.

Favourite Place to sleep in the trailer: She loves to sleep on the bed in the Airstream. 

Farthest Chelsea has travelled in the RV: Alaska and Florida

What kind of traveller is Chelsea? She doesn’t sleep when we drive. She has to see everything and she is constantly looking out the window and loves to explore.

What do you love most about her? Her personality and how sweet she is, how she is impish, and how she loves to play.

What do you feed her: A good dry food and vegetables.

Craziest thing Chelsea has done? She loves to roll. She rolls in the snow. She rolls in the grass. She has also rolled in dead fish at Rice Lake and Birte had to bath her in the freezing lake in May!


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