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Park Review: Domaine de la Chute

by Kate McCallum

When we first started planning our itinerary for our coast-to-coast journey we had to decide where we were going to stay. We found great campgrounds located all across the country. We soon discovered that a lot of them are owned by Parkbridge. Parkbridge owns a wide variety of properties. This includes RV parks and campgrounds. They also have retirement communities, family communities, and marina locations.

While we travelled through Quebec, we partnered up with Parkbridge. We ended up staying at a couple of their great resorts near Quebec City & Montreal.

The first park we stayed at was Domaine de la Chute in Saint-Apollinaire, Quebec.

We called Domaine de la Chute home for a couple of days. This is a fun and spacious RV campground & community located 30 minutes from Quebec City. Here’s what we thought about Domaine de la Chute…

Site Quality = 4/5
We were given site 393, located in an area of the park for those that are visiting for short-term stays. The lots are spacious and surrounded by large beautiful trees. Sugar maples, yellow birch, and many other species of trees give the park that middle of the woods feel.

There is a mix of  50/30 amp hookups with picnic table & fire pit at each site. Sites themselves are a mix of grass and gravel.  If the park was full, you don’t have much privacy. The sites are large enough, though, that you are not stacked right in beside your neighbour. There is a variation in size from smaller/shorter sites to larger/longer sites.


Park map. There are a lot of sites at Domaine de la Chute.

An issue we ran into was our water hose would not reach our water hook up.  Fortunately, there was no one in the site behind us, so we just backed up the RV so that it would reach.  We weren’t sure if we needed a longer hose or if the set up is a bit off. The power/water source is located at the back of the site, which we had never experienced. Either way, a longer water hose was put on our list to buy.

Some of the campground roads are narrow. This makes it a bit tricky while maneuvering.  We’re still new to towing our RV which is part of the issue, but a lot of RVers are just like us and would have issues, too.


Our site at Domaine de la Chute.

Facilities = 3/5

Bathrooms were quite clean. The bathhouse located near our RV does need updating, though. We use the showers in bathhouses because our shower stall is used for storage. We do this because we don’t want the extra moisture in the RV.

The showers in the bathhouse are paid showers. At 25 cents for 4 minutes, we’re more than ok bringing a couple of quarters with us. Paying for a shower in a park is necessary. In our opinion, there is too much water waste in parks.

What I think needs improving is the actual shower and stall. There was no control for the water temperature. The shower ran cold for the first 30 seconds and never warmed up much. It was 25 degrees outside and I was shivering when I finished showering.

The floor is a slippery tile with no traction stickers to prevent falls. The water didn’t drain out, so I was standing in water while wearing my shower shoes. There is no place to dry off without water underneath you. I wrapped my towel around myself and went into a washroom stall to dry off.

You also have to hang your towel and clothes in the same small area around the shower. We were careful, but if your clothes or towel fell, they would sopping wet.

Adam and I talked after we both showered. It was the same thing for the men’s showers in our area.  There are safer, nicer showers in a new facility centrally located in the park. However, the entire building was locked when we there. I’m not sure if you have to be given a key, as we didn’t have time to go back to the office to ask.

If you stay here and don’t use your shower in your RV, perhaps find a way to use the newer facility.

Activities/Amenities = 5/5

Now to the awesome stuff about Domaine de la Chute. There are tons of extra amenities here.

There is a large park store. It’s complete with groceries, camping stuff, local cheeses, and even alcohol. Attached to the park store is a large restaurant. The restaurant has a full menu to enjoy with seating inside and out. It was great to see a restaurant like this on site. Because of the park’s location, you’re a decent drive away from food. Having a restaurant on-site was a great choice. We talked to both seasonal and temporary campers who mentioned how much they loved having a restaurant like this on-site.


The restaurant and store at Domaine de la Chute.

Looking to cool off on a hot day? You got options Domaine de la Chute. There is a giant pool that is open until mid-September with plenty of room for lounging, too. For the kids, there’s a fun splash pad that they’ll love. If you prefer the beach over sitting by the pool, Domaine de la Chute has their own beach around a lake within the park. The area around the lake is huge. It’s perfect for hanging out at and working on your tan all day.


The lake and beach at Domaine de la Chute.


The Nemo splash pad at Domaine de la Chute.

Along with the splash pad, your kids will have lots to do at Domaine de la Chute. Located throughout the park there are many playgrounds including sandboxes. Even though we don’t have children, we loved the fact that there are a lot of toy trucks provided in the sandboxes. Secretly, we both sort of wanted to play in the sandbox.


The sandbox and toy trucks were asking to be played with.

If you want to stay active while camping – no problem. Domaine de la Chute has many options for you. You can play tennis, mini-putt, horseshoes, or shuffleboard. They also have beach volleyball courts and a small soccer field. Most impressively, they have a baseball diamond where you can try to hit a homer. Adam got excited when he saw the street hockey pad that they have set up with regulation nets. It would be a great place to pretend to be Crosby during a sunny afternoon.


The well maintained ball diamond at Domaine de la Chute.

During the high season and there is fun around every corner with plenty of daily activities. If you were a kid or a teenager coming to this park, you wouldn’t want to leave. We were impressed with the activities offered at Domaine de la Chute.

Location = 5/5

This location is perfect for a visit to Quebec City. It is a 30 to 40-minute drive to one of Canada’s most historical cities. There are campgrounds that are closer to the city, but they’re often right on the highway. We liked the fact that this campground is located in a more secluded and quiet area.

The drive to the campground is on a windy country road. This was only my second day of driving with the trailer, so I was a bit nervous of the blind corners but we made it safe and sound. Even though the park is tucked back from the highway, there are plenty of signs that guide your way to the park.


Location of Domaine de la Chute. Notice how close it is to Quebec City.

Pet Friendliness = 4/5

Domaine de la Chute is a great park for dogs.  There are lots of places to walk and Bella loved all the new smells. Paris Frances even went for a stroll on her harness. The only thing that is missing is an off-leash area for the dogs to play in.

Information & Park Staff = 4/5

Domaine de la Chute has a beautiful booklet when you enter the park. It has details with the places you can go eat, maps, and daily activities. There is also the rules and regulations for the park. The downside is that the booklet only comes in French. My French is likely at a Grade 4-5 level, so I could make out most of it. If you are not bilingual at all, it would be tough. If you have access to the internet, you can find all the rules and regulation on their website in English. But when we asked at the office if they had a booklet in English, they said no.

The staff were helpful otherwise and answered all our questions. Do not be afraid to visit this park if you only speak English, the staff are helpful and can speak fluent English.

Other Notes

If you’re looking for a seasonal camping location, Domaine de la Chute is a great option. One thing we’ve heard in the past from seasonal campers at other parks is that you’re limited in what landscaping you can do around your trailer.  That’s not an issue at Domaine de la Chute. Most of the seasonal campers have been able to turn their sites into a little slice of paradise. These sites have magnificent gardens and outdoor décor that makes each site their unique.

You have to pay for Wifi. It’s $5 a day. A longtime resident that I talked to indicated it’s quite spotty and a lot of people complain about it.  When we asked the front office about it, they indicated that they are working on it. They said it is difficult with such a large park to get a strong and consistent signal.

Full Time Canada Rating = 4/5

Summary:  Domaine de la Chute is a wonderful place to camp for you and your family. Whether you’re staying for a weekend or a couple of weeks, there’s no doubt that your entire family will love the park. There’s just so much to do and experience while visiting. You’ll never be bored – that’s for certain.

Work on your spikes on the beach volleyball courts at Domaine de la Chute.
There are three tennis courts at Domaine de la Chute - all in great shape.
Want to be Gretzky or Crosby? Enjoy the street hockey court at Domaine de la Chute.
The woods and lakes around Domaine de la Chute are pretty impressive.
It may be empty now, but during the peak season, this pool is a happening spot.
The store at Domaine de la Chute is fully stocked with whatever you may need.
A pretty impressive trolley ride at Domaine de la Chute.
Seasonal trailers at Domaine de la Chute

Wanna have a fun and relaxing weekend while staying near Quebec City? Make a reservation at Domaine de la Chute by calling: 418-831-1311

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Sharvo September 25, 2016 - 12:16 pm

Wow, *great* review! I’m a full-time wannabe … still getting ducks in row. If it’s not getting too personal, would love to hear more about Canada- and Province-specific logistics such as how you’re managing official residence / domicile and health care requirements. Looking forward to more posts.

Kate McCallum September 25, 2016 - 10:30 pm

Hi Sharvo! thanks for following us! Email us direct at fulltimecanada@gmail.ca with your questions regarding the logistics/or facebook message. I will answer all you need to know that way! Cheers! Kate

Denis Boivin September 28, 2016 - 6:07 pm

Hi to both of you.
My wife and I , are fulltimers. Before, we use to travel. Now, we are installed at Domaine de la Chute near Quebec as Kate described very well. Wish we knew you when at our campground. Nice meal on BBQ would have been great.
Now, after summer here, we leave in october for Florida. No more Texas (snow sometimes) and Arizona (too much wind). We are on west coast of Florida in Fort Myers (Pioneer Village RV Resort)..
For more info on how it is as a fulltimers, here’s my email. Also, if you pass by Florida or Quebec, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kate McCallum October 2, 2016 - 11:10 pm

Hi! Thanks so much for writing to us, and sorry it took so long for me to reply! We have been on the road and our internet hasn’t been that great. Thank you so much for you info, and we are thinking of going to Florida next year possibly for the winter! Have a great trip this October, and keep following along with our adventure. Cheers! Kate


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