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Park Review: Camping Alouette

by Kate McCallum

After staying at the Parkbridge owned Domaine de la Chute, we were invited to stay at Camping Alouette just outside of Montreal. For a couple of days, we enjoyed staying at Camping Alouette while we visited Montreal and the surrounding area. The park is every little bit as nice as Domaine de la Chute was, but it has the best campground view we’ve experienced so far. Here’s what we thought about our stay at Camping Alouette…

Site/Park Quality = 5/5
We were given site 227, which had a beautiful view of Mont Saint-Hilaire. The sites are spacious and our view also included a horse farm. The only downside is that you can see and hear the nearby highway. Our site also had a couple of trees on it and there are beautiful full grown trees all around the park.


Our site at Camping Alouette.

There is a mix of full 50/30 amp hookups with a picnic table at each site. The power/water source was located centrally on our site and it was perfect for setting up.

The grounds are well kept and our site was immaculate. The campground is set up staggered in 3 levels on a hill. The third layer at the top of the hill is a mix of seasonals, visitors, and a tenting area. At this point, there is also a lot of big trees. I imagine it is the coolest place to be when it’s July and 35 degrees with the humidity.


The view of Mont Saint-Hilaire from Camping Alouette.

The second level is also a mix of seasonals and visitors and has fewer trees. This is where our trailer was located.  The first level is where most of the visitors are located. There are fewer trees but there is a view of the mountain. However, it is likely the noisiest location in the park because of the busy highway. This level is also right beside a driving range. If you are a golfer, this would be a lot of fun to have right outside of your door.

Facilities = 5/5

The bathrooms were quite nice and the showers were newer. You do have to pay for the shower but they are warm, comfortable, and roomy. They only cost a quarter for 4-minutes which is beyond reasonable. There were only 2 showers in our area. There was another 2 up the hill and there are showers located at the front office. I would imagine they get pretty busy during peak season.


A small section of the store at Camping Alouette

The main office area includes the park store which has camping supplies and groceries. If you like to have a drink while camping, you can pick up alcohol in the store, rather than having to drive to town.

The park also features:

  • Heated Pool
  • Recreation Hall
  • Laundromat
  • High-Pressure RV Wash
  • Vacuum & Air Station
  • Dumping Station
  • Dog Walk
  • Playground


    A large playground is available for kids at Camping Alouette.

Right next door and not associated with the campground is a Camping World store. We broke one of the bases of our RV table and we were able to buy a replacement right next door, which is a bonus.

Location = 5/5

This location is ideal for a visit to Montreal. It is a 35-minute drive to the city, depending on traffic. It’s is a 20-minute drive to the nearest train/bus station in Longueuil.

If you don’t feel like visiting Montreal, you can also visit the nearby city of Beloeil. It’s quite beautiful and features lots of dining options. There you will also find plenty of grocery stores and gas stations.

Pet Friendliness = 4.5/5

The biggest highlight for Bella was the nature trail. We went for a nice long walk and met up with a long-term camper. His little dog Zoey got along great with Bella so we walked the trail with them. He remarked that he was enjoying his stay at Camping Alouette while he was visiting for 2 months. I did, however, notice on their website that if you are a visitor for one night they charge $3 for each dog. On the plus side, they do provide scoop up bags which I thought was a nice idea to keep the park clean.

Information & Park/Staff = 5/5

The staff at Camping Alouette are wonderful. They were bilingual, patient, and the one young lady told me we could call her day or night if we had any questions. The parks rules and regulations were provided in French and English which was a bonus.

Other Notes: There is a WiFi fee at this campground. However, because it hasn’t been working the best they have not been charging visitors for it. We attempted to use it at times but did find it wasn’t working well.

There are other additional fees that you need to take into consideration. For example, there is the $3 a day dog/cat fee. There is also a $5 a day fee for anyone 16 years of age and older that is travelling with you. You’re also charged a fee for the card to get in and out of the gate. You do get this back at the end of your stay, though.

Try and reserve a mountain view spot. The view is spectacular and will have you wanting to spend plenty of time outside.

Full Time Canada Rating = 4.5/5

Summary: Camping Alouette is the real deal. It’s a smaller park but we loved that. It is a clean and beautiful area with the best view we’ve had thus far. The only thing I could find as a fault was the parks close proximity to the highway and the constant buzz of traffic. At the same time, the proximity to the highway is a plus. You can be on the highway within minutes of leaving the park. All in all, Camping Alouette is a great place to stay and we would highly recommend it as a place to stay while in the Montreal area.

Wanna have a fun and relaxing weekend while staying near Montreal? Make a reservation at Camping Alouette by calling: 450-464-1661

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