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Paws of the Park: Jaxon

by Kate McCallum

Name: Jaxon

Age: 4 years old

Breed: Shih Tzu/Maltese

Owners: Eric Williams/Rosie Madsen

Describe Jaxon’s personality: Adventurous, Nosey

Favorite Toy: Stuffed Snake

Favorite Treat: Ice

Favorite place to sleep in the trailer: Under the couch

Farthest Jaxon has travelled in the RV: From San Diego, all across America to Prince Edward Island.

What do you love most about Jaxon? He is outgoing, goes canoeing, and goes swimming. He will do anything that we do.

Is Jaxon ever naughty? If we leave him too long, he will poop on the dashboard of the RV. He will actually move the curtains to poop between the window and the curtains. We can’t imagine what our neighbours have thought seeing that.

Tell us an interesting story about Jaxon? The first story that comes to mind, we shouldn’t really tell. Jaxon was obsessed with another dog that we owned and he was so crazy about this dog that he actually rubbed all the fur of off his you know what because he kept “climbing aboard.” We had to put Polysporin on the poor little guy because he just wouldn’t stop.  

There was also the time that he was in the canoe with us in Myakka River State Park. We were going through an area where a big gator was sitting on the banks. The gator didn’t like how close we got, so he jumped off the embankment and swam underneath us. We are not sure if Jaxon even knew what happened, but it sure scared us!


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