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Getting My Tip-to-Tip Certificate

by Bella

A month ago, Mum and Dad took me on a lighthouse tour of PEI. It was a lot of fun but kind of exhausting. They kept saying that they wanted to go on part 2 of their tour sometime soon. I’m not exactly sure what they meant by “part 2” but I was intrigued. I’m sure there would be treats and lots of naps and a lack of Paris Frances for an extended period of time. That sounded good to me, so I was ready to go.

Let The Day Begin

Mum woke me up early on a Saturday to head out on the second half of our PEI Lighthouse Tour. I was very tired this morning, as the night before I was out partying on the beach with two new Islander friends, Maggie and Ellie. Maggie is a Golden Retriever and Ellie is a Golden Lab. They live in Cape Traverse. Maggie kept trying to steal my water toy. I ran around a lot and visited with them. I was very tired after and I was hoping to sleep in but Mum woke me up at 7:30. “Bellsy, c’mon we need to go for a little walk before we go on the lighthouse tour,” she said joyfully.

I stretched a lot and I really didn’t want to get out of bed but I reluctuntaly got up. After a walk and some breakfast, we got into our car and headed off to Charlottetown. I was happy that Paris Frances did not get to come on this trip. I have to spend a lot of time with her and she is very grumpy and doesn’t let me eat her food.

Stopping In Charlottetown

Mum and Dad were having a big discussion about a big trip we are taking in September. Mum was looking for places to practice driving our truck and our new home. She said they need to practice before they take the big drive out west. I was bored with that quickly and fell asleep. I woke up when I heard Dad exclaim, “Shoot! (not the real word he used) We missed a couple already!” I wasn’t really sure what that meant but I woke up and stuck my head out the window. I love to smell the ocean. It’s the bestest smell, ever.

As we drove through the city of Charlottetown, I had my head hanging out the window. Usually, when we drive through towns and my head is hanging out the window, Mum likes to play songs loudly for me. I like that Crazy Train song and Bark at the Moon.

Bella Brighton Beach Victoria Park

This is my “I’m watching you face” as I look at other dogs in the park

I saw lots of people walking their dogs. We got out in Victoria Park and went for a walk to see the lighthouse there. The sun was shining and Mum made me get on a rock to have my photo taken in front of the lighthouse. I am starting to get used to posing for photos as Mum and Dad take lots of pictures of me. Mum tells me, “it’s because you are such a pretty baby.” Sure, I guess they’re right.

Bella Wood Islands Lighthouse

Touring lighthouses is exhausting. Thanfully, Wood Islands had a place to rest.

Adventures At Wood Islands

We then drove out of the city and into Stratford. The lighthouses there were hard to find so I just took a nap. We drove all along the Points East Coastal Drive area of PEI. My favourite lighthouse was at Woods Island. There were ospreys building a nest there and I sat and watched them as they made all kinds of bird noises at me. Birds usually don’t like me. I don’t’ know why except that maybe they don’t like it when I chase them. I can’t catch them though because of my bad leg. Now, if I didn’t have a bad leg they would be in some trouble. I was also thinking this would have been a good trip for Paris Frances to be on. I’m certain the ospreys would have liked to play with her.

New Friends

At the lighthouse in Cape Bear, I met some nice people from California. They gave me some of their bread that they were eating. Mum and Dad were given Oreos. I wanted an Oreo but no one would share with me. I laid down on the deck at that lighthouse. The sun was shining and it was beautiful. I could sit out in the sun for hours. I really didn’t want to get back in the car but I kept hearing whispers from Mum and Dad that we still had long ways to go but that we might be having lunch soon. Bonus! Sure enough, we did stop for lunch and I got a little snack before getting in another nap.

Finally Getting My Tip-To-Tip Certificate

After going to Murray Harbour and up to Souris we went to East Point. I kept hearing about East Point all day for some reason. Turns out it’s because that’s where I was supposed to get my Tip-to-Tip Certificate which means I had visited both tips of Prince Edward Island. I got my first ribbon last month in North Cape which was exciting. By the time we got to East Point I was really sleepy and not in the mood. I’m not sure if you can tell or not based on my picture.

Bella East Point Lighthouse

Getting my Tip-to-Tip Certificate. Yay.

Eating On The Pier

We then came back down to Naufrage. I got to have a treat there. Mum also brought my supper and I got to eat on the pier. I have never eaten my supper on the pier but I liked watching the ocean while I ate my good food. There were seagulls gazing at me while I was eating. I’m certain they were thinking about stealing my food, but they wisely decided to stay away. Nothing takes food away from the chocolate lab.

I Don’t Like Foxes

At one of our last lighthouses, we had to drive down a red dirt road. I got to see a fox there which I promptly barked and growled at while I was in the car. Dad told me to be quiet as he got out to take pictures of the fox. I was really worried because I wasn’t there to protect him. He was happy though because Dad loves foxes and he got some really good photos. He keeps saying how he wants to get a pet fox. He’s clearly crazy. There’s only room in the trailer for the chocolate lab. No foxes.


This was the fox I barked at. It’s pretty…annoying.

Let’s Go Home

After that, we went to one more lighthouse at Covehead Harbour. Then I went home to Jellystone Park and I went right to bed. I was exhausted. The next day after my 10-hour sleep, Mum asked me to make a list of the things I liked about both of the lighthouse tours. I will leave you with my list.

Things I Like About Lighthouse Tours…
-new smells
-new places to watch the ocean
-Paris Frances gets left at home
-I get random treats. Mum gave me turkey from her sandwich from Café 5 in Murray Harbour
-I got to go swimming in Murray Harbour and play with dad on a beach
-Watching osprey build their nest and get all upset with me
-Spending all day with Mum and Dad
-Getting kisses all day from Mum and Dad
-laying in the grass with Mum as Dad took photos at Point Prim
-meeting new friends
-not seeing ParisFrances all day

Bella Covehead Harbour Lighthouse

Another forced picture at the Covehead Harbour Lighthouse. I just wanted to go home.


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Leila Crawford July 8, 2016 - 9:50 pm

Awesome Blog Bella, Congratulations on your Tip to Tip certificate!!! Sounds like you had a great day, but it was nearly too much for you – you had to sleep It off for 10 hrs!!!!!! Poor Paris Frances she had to stay home all by herself. Don’t you feel the least bit guilty about getting all the drives, pets, walks, kisses and treats???? See you tomorrow!!!! Love you lots XO XO XO XO XO


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