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A Day Full of Worry

by Bella
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Hello, human friends, it’s been a long time since I last wrote my blog. Mama and papa have been bugging me for a while now to do one but I’ve been so busy. Spring is here in Tofino and I’ve been enjoying the outdoors A LOT! Plus, my back leg doesn’t hurt as much as it used to so I can play ball on the beach a lot more which is awesome. Of course, this always means that I’m all tuckered out and have no energy to actually write a blog. However, after an adventurous day the other day that left mama and papa with their hearts racing and full of worry, I felt it necessary to tell you what happened.

The Time I Worried Mama & Papa

Like most dogs, I love to sit beside the dinner table while mama & papa eat their dinner. I’m always a good girl and don’t beg, but mostly because I don’t have to. Between my adorable ears and the sad look on my face, I almost always guilt mama & papa into giving me some of their food. I’ve also mastered a slight tilt in my head which is irresistible and they can’t help but give me some of their delicious food.

The other night was no different. Mama had made some sort of delicious smelling chicken in the oven. It smelled incredible. I was drooling while it was cooking. That’s how good it smelled. As soon as mama popped the chicken out of the oven and sat down to dinner with papa, I was at the table tilting my head and really delivering the sad eyes. “Chicken must be mine!” I said over and over again in my head as I watched mama & papa rip through their chicken.

chocolate lab rv

This is the sad looking face that usually guilts mama & papa into giving me food.

When mama & papa were pretty well done with their food, they gave me a few little pieces of their chicken. Oh, my. How delicious it was. But it wasn’t enough. I don’t know if you know this about labs, but we can eat non-stop and I wanted more chicken but I would have to wait. So, I planned.

Throughout the rest of the night and into the next morning, I laid in my bed scheming and planning. I had to figure out how to get more chicken. The scent of the scrumptious chicken hovered throughout the RV all night and I just couldn’t forget about it.

Finally, the next morning mama & papa departed. I usually like to go with them wherever they go because it usually means fun walks on the beach and getting to sniff the bums of new dogs. However, this time they told me that I had to stay and you know what…I was OK with that.

Little did mama & papa know that when they left, my plan was going to work. The night before after they were done eating their chicken, without giving me more, they put the remains, including some hearty looking bones, in the garbage. I rarely ever go through the garbage, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

While mama & papa were off doing whatever they were doing, I was rummaging through the garbage fully devouring 8 honey garlic chicken drumsticks. Oh, sweet bliss. It was heaven. It was so incredibly good and fulfilling that I was able to get that wonderful leftover chicken.

After my feast, I was naturally tired. I had to nap, so I hopped up on the couch, put my head down and nodded off to sleep. I was dreaming of running on the beaches and playing with my sister from a Scottish mister, Bella, the other 8-year old chocolate lab. Then I heard the door open. Mama & papa were home.

chocolate lab rv

Trying to nap after my feast.

It’s always so exciting when mama & papa come home but as soon as papa walked in the door he looked upset and I don’t know why. He looked over at the garbage and immediately said, “NO! Bella!” I had no idea what was going on. He then searched through the garbage. Maybe he was looking for some of that leftover chicken for himself, but I ate it all. There was nothing left to be found. Then mama came into the RV and sighed while slowly rubbing my ears but I sensed something was up. Something wasn’t good but I didn’t know what it was.

Both mama & papa looked upset and discussed something amongst themselves. The next thing I knew mama was feeding me rice, eggs and bread. I don’t know what was so upsetting but apparently, it meant that I got to eat plenty of food. I must have hit some sort of jackpot without knowing it but all this food was great.

For the next few hours, mama watched closely over me for some reason. I then started to feel sick while sleeping. I woke up and coughed up some of the chicken I ate a few hours earlier. For some reason unknown to me, mama decided to sort through the pile food I just ralphed up onto the floor. She was picking up pieces of the chicken bone, closely examining them. What the heck was she doing? It was beyond me, so I just went back to sleep.

When I woke up later on, mama was again feeding me more food. Aside from getting a bit sick earlier, this day was shaping up to be one of the best in recent history. After eating more tasty food, mama leashed me up and we went out for a walk. I wondered which new friends I would get to meet on the beach today.

When we hit the beach, I felt the rumble in my tummy, squatted down and did my business in the sand for all of the other dogs to smell. It was a ripe one, too. Just like earlier in the day when I threw up, mama was closely investigating my fresh pile on the beach. What the heck was going on? Thankfully, she didn’t use her hands to investigate my poop like she did with my throw up. Because I’m a dog, not a lot grosses me out, but that would have been absolutely nasty.

Later that night papa came home and mama told him that she thought I was OK. Of course, I was OK, I just had an amazing full day feast. I don’t really know why mama and papa were panicked all day but I was happy to sense that they were feeling better about me for whatever reason. Little did they know that there was some excitement still to come.

The Time Paris Frances Worried Mama & Papa

Living with Paris Frances is always an adventure. I love Paris Frances and really want to sniff her bum and lick her face but for some reason, she’s always staring death rays into me and makes a weird spitty noise if I ever get too close to her. Still, I love her… unless she’s playing with mama and papa. I’m the only one in the RV that gets to play with mama & papa. If Paris Frances is playing I get jealous and sometimes bark and act up a bit.

Overall, though, it’s pretty fun living with mama, papa & Paris Frances. I think we have a pretty happy family but Paris Frances almost left us the night after mama & papa were worrying about me.

Every night around the same time, papa takes me outside for my last pee of the day before I run up the stairs towards my bed where I plunk myself down in my bed before nodding off for a long sleep. Hours later, I woke up hearing mama frantically telling papa something. It felt like something was wrong. The RV also smelled like fresh air for some reason. It was raining and I could hear the rain pouring down almost on top of me in the RV. What was going on? Mama and papa were so alarmed and Paris Frances was nowhere to be found. Even with my super-power-like nose, I couldn’t smell her. Where was she?

I sensed mama & papa’s growing worry which made me a bit anxious but it was also the middle of the night and I was tired so I didn’t bother getting out of bed. 10-15 minutes later, Paris Frances was back in the trailer. She seemed OK aside from the fact she looked a bit damp. Still, I had no idea what happened but, again, it was the middle of the night so I just went back to sleep.

Paris Frances RV

Paris Frances looking for a drink from the tap after her adventure.

The next morning, before breakfast time, Paris Frances attempted to tell me what had happened. She said that when papa took me out to pee before bed when we came back inside he didn’t fully shut the door. In the middle of the morning when I was fast asleep, the door swung open. This is why I smelled the fresh air and could hear the rain pouring down. With the door open, Paris Frances jumped at the opportunity to go on an early morning adventure and departed the RV.

A little while after Paris Frances left the trailer, she said that she could hear mama & papa outside saying her name while flashing beams of light around. That’s when she decided it was time to come back inside, coming out of her hiding spot before climbing the steps of the RV and sitting on the top step waiting to be discovered by mama & papa to let her back in.

What did she do while she was out on her early morning adventure? I have no idea. I asked her but she refused to tell me. Maybe she found her own pile of chicken. Maybe she met up with other cats in the park to have some sort of part. I don’t know but it must have been fun, though. But it was the early morning, so even if it was a lot of fun, the chances of getting me out of bed to join in on the fun was rare.

Enough Worry For One Day

For the span of 24-hours, I sensed a lot of worry going on between mama & papa. I still can’t quite figure out why, though. I got to have an incredible feast and Paris Frances got to go on an early morning adventure. We were both so happy but the worry in mama & papa confused me. The next morning they seemed better and were constantly smothering both Paris Frances & I with hugs and kisses. Whatever was bothering them, I was happy to see their moods change.

I promise to write another blog in the near future. Mama says that she and papa are going away for a couple of weeks and will be leaving me with my sister from a Scottish mister – Bella for almost a couple of weeks. I’ll miss mama & papa but it’ll also be exciting to hang out with another chocolate lab for a couple of weeks.

Chocolate Labs

My sister from a Scottish mister, Bella. She’s a bit camera shy.

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