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30 Things To Do In PEI By The End Of Summer

by Adam Doolittle

It happens every year – August rolls around and you think to yourself, “Wow! Summer is almost over.” Surely, by now, you’ve started to do back-to-school shopping for your kids. Heck, when you’re grocery shopping, you’ve likely seen Halloween candy on the shelves.

Summer does seem to fly by each and every year, especially here on PEI where the great weather is limited to a few months each year. The weather has been exceptional this summer on PEI and hopefully, it will continue to be just as beautiful over the next month. Of course, as I’m writing this, it’s dark and stormy looking outside, but maybe that was just nature trying to push me inside to get some work done rather than being outside and being unproductive.

As of today, there is exactly one month left of summer. Yes, it’s a tad sad, however, that still means you have 30 days to do a lot of amazing and fun things. The following is a list of enjoyable activities that will allow you to fully soak up the remaining days of summer here on PEI. A lot of these activities are non-specific to PEI or can be altered to your location, so feel free to join along in the fun and cross some of these fun experiences off of your own list.

  1. Go swimming at a NEW beach.
  2. Grill up some homemade burgers made with Island beef.
  3. Grab a blanket, a book, and find a quiet spot at Victoria Park to read for the afternoon.
  4. Visit one of the many dairy bars on the Island and grab a delicious sundae or cone.
  5. Wake up early and watch the sunrise from a beach on the North Shore.
  6. Go to a different beach and watch the sunset from a beach on the South Shore.
  7. Get your mountain bike out and go for a wild ride at Bonshaw Provincial Park.
  8. Go for a drive and stop when you see a sign for new potatoes. Buy a bag and whip up your favourite potato recipe.
  9. Take in an independent film at City Cinema in Charlottetown.
  10. Watch the races at Oyster Bed Speedway.
  11. Pack a picnic and go to one of the provincial parks that you’ve never been to before.
  12. Find somewhere dark and spend hours laying in the grass while watching the stars. Take a chart with you and try to identify as many constellations as possible.
  13. Do the tour and try some LEGAL moonshine at Myriad View Distillery.
  14. Grab the shovel and bucket and go dig up some clams and then…
  15. Host some friends or family and have a seafood boil on the beach.
  16. Do a day trip and see how many lighthouses you can see in one day.
  17. Call in “sick” one day and go play a round of golf.
  18. Get your feet tapping at a ceilidh.
  19. Discover your new favourite beer at the PEI Beer Festival.
  20. Sing the Tragically Hip’s ‘Ahead By A Century’ along with Choir!Choir!Choir!
  21. Dust off your camera (yes, an actual camera – not a phone) and snap some shots for these two photo contests: City of Charlottetown/Prince Edward Island Tourism
  22. Take advantage of the Island wind and fly a kite.
  23. Cruise the waterways of the North Shore with DogBoat Adventures.
  24. Enjoy all of the fun and culture of the Evangeline Area Agricultural Exhibition and Acadian Festival.
  25. Play a game of washer toss with the neighbour.
  26. Fill yourself up with lots of amazing food prepared by famous chefs at some of the delicious Fall Flavours events happening across the Island.
  27. Pack a blanket, some snacks, and enjoy a couple of movies at the drive-in.
  28. Pick some apples from a local orchard and make a pie or dessert.
  29. Hunt for some sea glass.
  30. Hit the water with your kayak or canoe.
  31. BONUS! Near the first day of fall (September 22nd), make your own list of fun activities and experiences that you’d like to do during the fall months.
What’s one activity/experience that you want to do before summer ends?

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