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Park Review: Knutsford Campground

by Kate McCallum

While staying in Kamloops, Knutsford Campground invited us to stay at their park for a night. Located just outside of the city, Knutsford Campground offers a decent place to rest your head for the night. There are about 100 sites for RV’s including a mix of full 15/30 amp hookups. There is also a large area of grass for tenting. Here’s our review of the park…

Site Quality = 4/5

Each site has a newer picnic table, a fire pit (some with a grill bolted on for cooking), and there are beautiful full Weeping Willows in this park. The site we were at (94) had a little creek behind it and a Weeping Willow that blocked the view of the other RV’s behind us. Located at the rear of our site was our water, sewer, and electrical. It was so far back that our hose wouldn’t reach the sewage. Since we were only staying for 2 nights we decided to just use their dump site when we left. The sites aren’t large. Our site barely fit our RV (32ft). If you have a big rig (35ft+) you’d be better off at another campground.


Our site at Knutsford Campground.

Facilities = 2/5

The showers are warm, but the bathrooms were dirty. I’ve been in my fair share of campground washrooms at this point. I’ve been in a few that were a little dirty, but this was bad. My only guess is that staff was limited due to the Thanksgiving weekend, or perhaps someone was sick. The floors were covered in mud and gravel, the bathroom garbage’s were full, there were no paper towels or back up hand dryers, and the electrical plug in the washroom was falling out and wires were exposed. I give it a 2 because the shower was warm, and it only cost a $1 for 5 minutes. Most places are now $2 for 5-8 minutes. Adam agreed that the men’s washroom was equally as dirty. I made sure to check back to see if the washrooms were cleaned at all throughout our two-night stay. They were not.


The beautifully detailed garden at Knutsford Campground.

Someone at this park has a green thumb. There is a huge flower/shrub garden area that greets you when you drive down to the office. It was nice to see the attention to detail put into the gardens as you don’t see this at many campgrounds.There is a great little spot to do laundry. The washers and dryers are new so that was a perk. In the laundry room, there was also a book exchange, so I left one I had just finished and picked up a new one. I love that about campgrounds.

WiFi is free and available at Knutsford Campground. There were a couple drawbacks to it, though. First, you have to be given a code for your site. The code is limited to one device per site. The quality of the WiFi was decent but nowhere near as good as some of the other campgrounds we’ve stayed at.

There are numerous “Pick up after your dog” signs throughout the park. Yet, it seems there are a lot of pet owners that are not following that rule. There were many places in the park (including our own site) where there were doggy landmines. Dog owners should be picking up after their dogs, but if not, the park should be cleaning up a little more often.


A nice play area for kids at Knutsford Campground.

Pet Friendliness = 3 /5

There is no area for dogs to be off leash at Knutsford Campground, but there are plenty of places to walk your dog. Also, if you happen to have a pit bull, there is a no pit bull rule at this campground which was disappointing to see.

Information on the Park/Staff = 1/5

We never actually saw any of the park staff. The office was closed the entire time we there from Sunday night through Tuesday morning. I called the number on the website to ask questions and I left a message. My call was returned mid-afternoon on Monday. While we understand that it was the Thanksgiving long weekend, we couldn’t believe there weren’t any staff around. There was a  sign that said office hours were 10-11am and 6-7pm. I went there during those hours but no one was there.   


A row of trailers at Knutsford Campground.

Location = 5/5

Located only a few KM from Kamloops is where you’ll find Knutsford Campground. We went into town often to eat, watch the Blue Jays, & grab groceries. Knutsford is located far enough outside of the city that you don’t have to worry about noise from the nearby road, which is actually quiet itself.

Full Time Canada Rating = 3

To us, this park was what we needed it for – a place to stop before continuing on our journey. The customer service disappointed us. We hope that this was just related to the time of year and the holiday weekend but it’s hard to tell. The filthy washrooms and dog poop everywhere was a major turnoff for us and make it hard to recommend this campground. With that in mind, if you are looking for a quick stop near Kamloops, the location is a plus and you should be able to get a good sleep.


If you would like to stay at Knutsford Campground, give them at a call at 1-866-777-1954 or (250)-372-5380

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